Candid questions for setting your personal Covid Bullshit Detector

Something is not right about the Covid narrative we are all seeing.  Conflicting, misleading, or changing information is everywhere.  My personal Covid Bullshit Detector (CBD) has been ringing at high alert since December.  While this article has numerous technical references, it is not intended as a technical article.  Rather it is intended to open critical thinking, suggest questions we should all be asking to tune your own CBD, and concludes with a list of ten troubling questions where the prevailing narrative suggests that something is clearly very wrong.

In control systems, the engineering input called “gain” is essentially how fast your system looks at the input data and makes corresponding adjustments.  If the gain on a car cruise control was maxed out, every acceleration to the desired speed would be full throttle.  Low gain means you aren’t paying that much attention to the actual speed compared to desired speed, so the acceleration to desired speed would be very slow.  That may not be a perfect textbook engineering definition, but good enough for this overview on gain control within your own CBD.  Getting right to one of the main points of this article, now is not a time to have your CBD gain set on low amongst all the Covid narrative we are hearing.  

What if the proverbial snake oil salesman knocks on your door selling a new mixture of herbs guaranteed to eliminate all health risks and make you look 20 years younger?  Naturally ones Bullshit Detector (BD) would ring at full alert.  Assuming you even listen to the sales pitch, six basic questions one should be asking any time your BD rings include

  1. What are the credentials of the person giving the message?
  2. What studies have been done to validate the message?
  3. Are the studies validated by recognized experts?
  4. Does the person selling stand to profit, have questionable motives or a questionable history?
  5. How many others are selling or using this product, and what is their success?
  6. What are the risks of this product?

Before we dive in to setting ones CBD, let’s set some groundwork.  Some readers may have short memories.  Others may have complete confidence that our government, appointed agencies, and giant corporations would never lie, distort data, use propaganda, or fail to protect us with policy.  Let’s review some history on that to make a point.

How many times did the Bush administration use the propaganda of citing Iraq has Weapons of Mass Destruction to justify the Iraq war?  As one of many such quotes from this administration was this classic line from Cheney “There is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction.”

Lets go back to Vietnam, and how about the propaganda of entering the war being justified by responding to a North Vietnam attack known as the Gulf of Tonkin incident?  It turns out that the attack on the destroyer Maddox never happened.

How about the cigarette & tobacco industry?  As early as the 1930s pathologists were reporting on the damage of smoking, and certainly by the 1950s the evidence on dangers of smoking was clear.  Yet over the next 20 years the cigarette industry spent huge sums on denial and even created a propaganda film “Smoking and Health” to create doubt on health concerns and allow the cash machine to keep ringing.   With indisputable medical evidence everywhere, where were the agencies looking out for our health? 

We have all heard of lawsuits over glyphosates from the common weed killers such as Roundup.  How many people know that just before harvesting it has been common practice to spray crops with Glyphosate as a drying agent? Numerous studies now show that common breakfast cereals have glyphosate levels way over FDA designated safe levels.  Why has the FDA and other government agencies allowed Monsanto (and now Bayer) to continue promoting and selling this chemical as a drying agent on our food crops? 

As a last example, has there ever been a bigger example of propaganda and lies than the Nazi regime that convinced much of Germany’s 70 million citizens of the superior race concept that lead to the horrible death camps of WWII?

For some it is a hard concept to grasp.  We all want to believe we live in a peace-loving country following all the fundamentals of our constitution.  We all want to believe large corporations always act ethically and do what is right.  Alas do we remember Enron?  The facts are that propaganda is a mainstay of governments; we even had an act of congress to overturn a prohibition against domestic propaganda.  Incredibly, in 2013 congress passed such legislation called The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act, which was buried in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2014. 

After that brief stroll through history, let’s not kids ourselves.  Propaganda, distortions of truth, and even lies do happen with governments and big corporations.  It is up to all of us as individuals to gather data and make inputs into our personal BD and adjust your BD gain control.  As a way of provoking thought, some hot topics or conspiracy theory stories subject to our individual BD might include the following.

  • Bigfoot exists, along with the Loch Ness Monster.
  • The mob, Cuba, CIA, or others were really behind the Kennedy assassination. The real shooter was on the grassy knoll.
  • The Apollo Moon Landing was a fake.
  • The Megalithic Stones of Baalbek and other sites in S America were impossible to build without divine intervention or alien technology.
  • 911 was either known in advance or an inside job, because WTC 7 collapsed by a controlled detonation.
  • Roswell was a weather balloon crash. Or it was a government cover up story.
  • Climate change is proven to be man-made. Or climate change is a natural phenomenon and there is nothing we can do to change that.

We all have some beliefs and disbeliefs on all of these.  While I think some of these events are interesting, none of these have an immediate impact on my daily life.  Therefore, my BD gain control is set on low relative to these stories.

What about Covid?  Let’s reset the calendar to fall of 2020.  Covid had rampaged through the world and our lives were turned upside down.  Perhaps not since WWII was the entire world as focused on one single story.  We all looked to the medical industry to save us.  New vaccines were promised and biotech companies were promoting new wonder drug treatments such as Remdesivir that would treat patients.  Debates were being held on whether the vaccines were rushed among an all-time high of political theater and USA election integrity debate.  In hindsight, it is more than disappointing that there was no funding for testing of off-label uses of drugs that were on the market for many years before Covid.  Instead, all the big Pharma funding was for new, novel, and expensive bio-engineered drugs.  Why was there no funding for repurposed drugs that had strong efficacy for both treatment and prevention?

My CBD started ringing at high alert when I saw the video of Dr Kory’s testimony to the senate in December 2020.  I had never heard of Ivermectin, but Dr. Kory seemed to have very strong credentials and was so passionate about the safety and efficacy of this drug.  I was a little skeptical but thought with a story like this it will immediately be thoroughly scrubbed by mainstream media.  If there was a drug that cured Covid and was so safe, so cheap, so readily available, it would almost be a miracle and we would soon have our lives back.

I patiently waited for media to grab this story, interview Dr. Kory and his peers.  Yet there was complete radio silence.  I couldn’t believe it.  If what Dr. Kory said in this stunning video was true, the pandemic would soon be over.  My CBD went up a notch and I started going through the first six questions on my BD list.  What are his credentials?    Dr. Kory’s credentials and medical resume are incredible.  A front line Covid ER doctor, and arguably one of the top doctors in the world in his field.  He is well published and recognized globally for his work on ultrasound treatment for critically ill, therapeutic hypothermia treatment, septic shock, and he co-authored the first paper on using corticosteroids for Covid 19 patients.  In other words he is a world leading doctor with everything to lose if he is wrong with all of these claims on Ivermectin.

I started to research others in this alliance of doctors promoting Ivermectin.  Huge credentials, well published, all with resumes that most doctors would be thrilled to have.  Something was not right here, why was nobody in the mainstream media running with potentially one of the biggest blockbuster stories ever?

I moved on to the next BD questions, “What studies have been completed, and have the studies been validated by recognized experts?”  While back in December only some of the studies were completed, but they were so powerful.  In one study in of 1195 healthcare workers in Argentina, 788 were given Ivermectin as a prophylaxis (preventative), and none caught Covid.  Of the other 407 workers not taking Ivermectin but relying on standard PPE, 58% caught Covid.  Fast forward to today, and the medical evidence is overwhelming.  We have 63 different studies, with 613 scientists, 26,398 patients, 31 randomized control trials, with ALL showing overwhelming positive results.  P values on some studies down to 0.01 or lower.  The lower the P value, the stronger the statistical evidence.  My CBD was ringing loudly, something was not right here!

On to BD question #4, Does the person selling this message stand to make a profit?  Dr. Kory and all the doctors in this alliance stand to lose everything if they are wrong, and they make nothing by prescribing Ivermectin.  Coincidentally, neither does big pharma.  Ivermectin patents are long expired; it costs about a dollar per dose in most of the world and maybe $3 or $4 dollars per dose in the US.  By comparison, big pharma treatment Remdesivir costs about $3000 to 4000 for a typical patient treatment.  Why was the media, Fauci, CDC, and NIH not talking about Ivermectin?  My CBD was then elevated to near max levels and my CBD gain control was set to high.

Next BD question, “Is this person backed by others or is this the only person selling?”  It turns out that Ivermectin has been used by doctors and clinics all over the world with stunning success.  In regions of India with hundreds of millions of people, they went door to door giving out Ivermectin and have almost totally eliminated Covid.  In other regions of India, they outlawed Ivermectin and have stuck with masks, vaccines, and lockdowns.  Covid is devasting these regions.  Doctor reports and interviews from Florida, Texas, S Africa, S America, Japan, and many other global locations all report great success with Ivermectin.  All under media blackout.  Why was media, Fauci, CDC, and NIH not talking about Ivermectin?  Could all these doctors with nothing to gain and everything to lose possibly be publishing inaccurate reports and studies?

Moving on to the last BD question, what are the risks of using this product?  Mainstream and social media, along with even the FDA appears highly focused with efforts to discredit Ivermectin.  “It is a horse medicine” or “It is dangerous”.  What is the truth?  Yes it is also used in the veterinary industry, but there have been approximately 4 billion human prescriptions since the 1980s, it has one of the best safety records of any drug ever released, it won the Nobel Prize for curing river blindness in 2015, and it is even listed by the WHO on the Model List of Essential Medicines.  Despite all this in a recent CNN interview with Dr Fauci when he was asked about people taking “horse medicine” rather incredibly he states “There’s no evidence whatsoever that it works, and it could potentially have toxicity.  There’s no clinical evidence that indicates that this works.”  Mark Twain was credited with saying “There are lies, damn lies, and then there are statistics”.  There are indeed differences between human medical grade and veterinary grade Ivermectin including purity levels, form factor (creams vs pills), and dosages.  There may be other additives in veterinary grade Ivermectin.  With my BD ringing loudly, note how careful CNN was to avoid the use of the term Ivermectin and call it horse medicine.  Statistically Fauci was correct in that all studies referenced above were with human medical grade Ivermectin, so there is no actual evidence that “horse medicine” works.  Fauci refused to even acknowledge all the documented studies with human medical grade Ivermectin, which certainly is evidence by any measure.  He could have even said something akin to the studies are under review or talk about the differences between veterinary grade and human grade medicines. Instead says “There’s no evidence whatsoever that it works”.  Is that a lie, a damn lie, or working around something based on statistics?  Readers can decide.  If you were a jury member does this sound like someone who is telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?  Or does this sound like someone hiding something and trying very hard to discredit something?  Here is the guidance from the FLCCCA on taking medications for animals, which paints a completely different story than what the CNN interview with Dr Fauci gave. 

In yet another example of disturbing media censorship, Dr Joseph Varon, Chief of Critical Care at Houston’s United Memorial Medical Center has been using Ivermectin with great success for 1293 hospitalized patients.  With his success rate being vastly better than national data, he has been interviewed 1600 times and every time the interviews are censored and removes the fact that he uses Ivermectin.  His credentials include 830 peer reviewed medical journal articles and 10 medical textbooks. 

Something is clearly wrong here!  We have a medical grade, FDA approved for human use drug, with an incredible safety record, dirt cheap, readily available, overwhelming data showing it works for both treatment and prophylaxis/prevention, and we know everything about side effects since it has been used billions of times on humans since the 1980s.  Reports from all over the world continue to show great success and we remain on almost complete media blackout, or when it is mentioned in media it is more of a smear campaign rather than anything close to resembling science and data.  WHY? 

My CBD remains pegged at maximum alert, with gain control also set at max levels.  This is a much bigger issue than just the ongoing battle over Ivermectin, and I could also write a case for Hydroxychloroquine.  The bigger issue is that the ongoing narrative from governments, agencies, and mainstream media just does not make sense.  We all have personal decisions to make, and there are so many questions on Covid we all want answers for have.  As you consider your own personal CBD, I suggest you have your gain control set and high and consider the following.

  1. Starting off with the perhaps the biggest question, are the vaccines safe? Why is nobody in mainstream media listening to experts like Dr Ryan Cole?  When looking at this video, I suggest you look very carefully at his credentials and the tissue sample damage.  What about Dr Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA vaccines?  What about former Chief Science Officer of Pfizer Dr Mike Yeadon?  What about Dr Byram Bridle’s concerns using Pfizer’s own data released only in Japan?  And why does Japan require this data, but USA and other countries governing agencies move forward without this data?  Anyone with their CBD gain set on high can easily find the interviews and concerns about safety with the vaccines from not only these experts but an alarming number of other doctors, immunologists, molecular biologists, and PhDs.  Can all these scientists and doctors possibly be wrong about vaccine safety concerns?
  1. Expanding on question #1, why is there no discussion in the media on long term concerns with vaccines and antibody dependent enhancement? Why is there no discussion in the media on studies or concerns with lipid nanoparticles traveling throughout the body?  Why is there no discussion in the main stream media about concerns with micro blood clotting,  as revealed with D Dimer tests?  What about rumors or reports that mRNA vaccine trials had so many problems with animal deaths?  Why is this not being addressed in the mainstream media with credible medical experts in a non-biased review or debate?  Why is all of this in almost complete media blackout among the incredibly intense push for getting the jab?  
  1. Why is there a media blackout on VAERS (vaccine adverse effects reporting system) data? Why can’t we have an open debate and dialogue with medical experts on this data, and how VAERS data has been used historically with other vaccines?  Is it true that we have stopped other vaccines with far fewer issues than we are seeing now on VAERS with Covid vaccines?  For that matter why is there also a media blackout on America’s Frontline Doctors and the Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance?  Why are so many doctors and scientists putting their reputations on the line by speaking out against vaccines against an overwhelming media blackout, political and agency push for the vaccines?  Would you rather believe top scientists putting their reputations on the line or journalists and fact checkers sponsored by big tech and/or big Pharma that have little or no reputation to stake? 

Perhaps some creative mainstream media executives could host a series of debates.  On one team is Dr Fauci and a few of his top medical experts.  On the other team is Dr. Kory, Dr. Cole, and a few of their selected peers.  It would be the most highly watched debate in history, and the advertising revenue would likely eclipse that of the Super Bowl.  Alas it will never happen.

  1. If the vaccines really work, why is Israel being decimated with Covid cases? Israel is one of the most heavily vaccinated countries in the world.  Why is this story on media blackout?
  1. Why is there a media blackout on Sweden? This country essentially said, “no masks, no vaccines, and we will let our citizens build natural immunity”.   While Sweden was the subject of intense criticism months ago, Covid is apparently a non-issue now in Sweden.  Wouldn’t this present a strong case that natural immunity is better than vaccines?
  1. If the vaccines really work, then why are masks needed after vaccination? Do masks really work to stop or limit Covid?  The internet is full of conflicting articles and studies on this. 
  1. Why is there almost no mention from mainstream media, Dr Fauci, or government agencies on preparing your body to have an optimal immune system with Vitamin D? Evidence is overwhelming that this is vitally important to minimize the impacts if one does catch Covid.
  1. Why is there almost no discussion in mainstream media on all the Covid data that is extremely questionable at best? As Bob Moriarty states so well, dying FROM Covid is very different than dying WITH Covid.  Not to mention the inaccuracy of all the PCR tests, which appear to be headed for the scrap bin and discontinued.
  1. If reaching herd immunity is the goal to eliminate Covid, why can’t we get there by a combination of natural immunity, Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, and vaccines? Many arguments are being made by medical experts that the immunity is better with Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, and natural immunity from Covid recovery.  Why does one with natural immunity from a prior Covid recovery, or someone taking Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine have to be vaccinated?
  1. Dr Fauci holds the position of Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the Chief Medical Advisor to the President. He has incredible power to influence the regulatory acceptance of new medicines and fund studies.  Why would our system allow him to hold so many patents on new medications?  Doesn’t this sound like a massive conflict of interest?

This article is not intended to answer all the questions raised.  It is incredibly difficult for most of us to analyze all the technical information without being a PhD, MD, or scientist.  It often comes down to who do you believe among all the conflicting information?  Perhaps at no time since the Civil War has our country been so divided.  Propaganda and disinformation campaigns are running wild.  My suggestions are to turn off mainstream media and supposed fact checkers on both sides of the political spectrum.  Do your own research from the most credible sources you can find and think very carefully about the questions asked above.  When your own personal CBD starts ringing, ask the 6 fundamental BD questions proposed and keep your CBD gain control set to the max.  The stakes are just too high, and something is clearly not right with the narrative from our government agencies, mainstream media, and big pharma. 


     Fred Omstand III